System requirements

Thank you for using Trayn!

We listed these System Requirements to help you understand what specifications your system must meet in order to use Trayn's website and services (, the "Site" and, the "App").


The Trayn App is a Progressive Web Application, which means it runs in any modern browser on any device. Below is a list of supported browsers.

    Minimum versions
  • Chrome: Current stable release
  • Firefox: Current stable release
  • Edge: Current stable release
  • Safari: 13 or higher

Please understand that if your browser does not meet these requirements, the App will not run very well, some feature might not be available or it might not run at all.


On mobile platforms, we provide legacy applications for the following platforms: iOS 7, Android 4.1. Although they are basically still functional, they are not maintained any longer and will eventually be removed from the Stores.

We strongly advise using the browser application, which can also be installed like an app, on smartphones.