Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you store my data?
All data is currently stored in the US, East Coast, across multiple availability zones. We are using cloud providers that are operating in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please refer to the corresponding pages for Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. For clients that require their data to be stored at specific locations, we can do that for the entire account. Currently, it is not possible to store data relating to different athletes under the same client to different regions.
How do you back up my data? Where do you store backups?
For backups, we distinguish the following data sets:
  1. Persisted data: think information stored in a database
  2. Object storage: images, videos, and other files uploaded by you

Persistent data can be recovered via point-in-time recovery for 24 to 48 hours. Weekly backups are also performed and all backups are stored in the same region as the database. Object storage is redundantly stored in the same region.

Who has access to my data?

We make sure that you and only you have access to your data. Trayn does not give anyone your data. It belongs to you, not to us.

Trayn administrators can access specific client areas for support purposes. "Switching" to a client account is audited. A Trayn administrator has access to the workout-related information (plans and exercises), but not to the workouts actually assigned to an athlete. In addition, the members of a team can be listed with their names and email addresses used to authenticate in Trayn.

For specific support purposes — track down problems and resolve issues — all data may be accessed by a support engineer. We will ask for prior permission from the client to clone their data temporarily to be able to reproduce issues and resolve them.

Who else may have access to my data? Any suspicious third parties involved?

We won't share any personal data, personally identifiable data, nor your workouts, exercises, schedules, training plans or anything else you give in our hands. This is your data and you decide what we do with it.

To improve our services, we use information related to your device and location for analytics and monitoring. We currently use Google Analytics on web, Firebase on mobile, and Sentry for error tracking and performance monitoring.

When you contact us through our support system Intercom, the email address and name used in Trayn will be shared with them. This only happens when you contact us and is used to notify you of replies. Third party profile enhancement in Intercom is disabled.