Here’s Our Story

When Trayn was founded in 2009, we felt the charge to create a tool that was extremely powerful, flexible and user friendly for all coaches. It was a monumental task to provide coaches with a platform that had so much capability and made their time programming enjoyable.

We heard over and over again of coaches’ frustration with being tied to a spreadsheet and losing valuable time when they could be coaching athletes. We empathized with the need to individualize for athletes even in large team settings. We envisioned a solution for coaches to be able to plan efficiently, individualize automatically, and communicate clearly with athletes and staff.

Bringing this vision to life has required commitment, resilience, and belief in the inevitability of success. We are truly proud of the product that was forged in this environment. Trayn is a radical innovation that is changing the way people train.


We are backed by an exceptional group of investors, and are proudly headquartered in the heart of Europe. Vienna, Austria.